Reward: 5100z Subquest Reward: 900z Subquest Reward: 3600z Well, you're in luck! Reward: 1200z Time Limit: 50 min. Next up I think you should tackle a Nerscylla. Contract Fee: 100z, I refuse to stand by and see my precious Felynes bullied! Environment: Stable - Pinnacle Survey Team Leader, Hunt a Hyper Barroth, a Hyper Tigrex, and a Hyper Glavenus, Location: Desert Well, watch where you step, darling. Time Limit: 50 min. Mom's gonna get worse if we don't do something! Subquest HR Points: 40 Contract Fee: 600z, The Arctic Ridge has materials I need to remake the Hero's Blade, but right now it's home to a nasty Tigrex. Subquest HR Points: 70 Tough as any hunter, you say? Time Limit: 50 min. Environment: Stable Subquest Reward: N/A HR Points: 80 Reward: 18600z Subquest Reward: 2700z Time Limit: 35 min. It shines silver, but it's no moon...and it's not particularly beautiful either. Time Limit: 50 min. Those buggers went after my Popo, and after I drove them off, more and more keep showin' up. -Red Hell Hunter, Location: Arctic Ridge (Day) Reward: 3000z Could you catch some for me, please? Subquest Reward: 2400z Subquest Reward: N/A - Misty Peaks Observation Post, Location: Ruined Pinnacle It's all very fascinating! Subquest HR Points: N/A Uh, I didn't realize Congalala are so hard to hunt though. Reward: 10200z Time Limit: 50 min. HR Points: 3610 - Passionate Shipwright, Location: Jurassic Frontier (Day) Subquest Reward: 600z Environment: Stable Just be careful of their boss! Contract Fee: 300z, Holy moly! Contract Fee: 50z, The survey team's been having a lot of trouble -- Rhenoplos keep crashing into everything! Subquest HR Points: 0 Subquest HR Points: 150 HR Points: 0 Environment: Unstable Can you help us? I must have some! So, like, be a pal and hunt me a monster! Subquest Reward: 1200z HR Points: 0 Unlocks the Arena Quest "Grudge Match: Najarala". Oh, and naturally I'll let it go when I'm done. Somethin's waitin'. Gather as much as you like, then deliver a Paw Pass Ticket when you're done! Could you capture one for us so that we can press closer to its enigma? Subquest Reward: 0z Subquest Reward: 2700z Contract Fee: 400z, Oof... That mischievous monkey in the Ancestral Steppe really got me good. HR Points: 2210 Please do something, Hunter! Course you don't. Time Limit: 50 min. HR Points: 760 - Bright-eyed Aristocrat, Location: Volcanic Hollow Environment: Stable Subquest HR Points: N/A Environment: Stable Contract Fee: 1100z, You can get real good mushrooms in the Jungle. I fear you will need all your wits to take them out, Prowler. Environment: Stable HR Points: 180 Contract Fee: 3100z, An urgent report from the Schrade region came in. Unlocks the Dianthus and Campanile Armor Sets (, Complete this quest and 4★ Village Quest ". We'll take care of recovering what we need. HR Points: 670 Time Limit: 50 min. Subquest Reward: 2100z I wanna find out more about 'em, but they keep spittin' gobs of fire at me. HR Points: 100 Subquest HR Points: 80 Well, it just so happens I remembered another one of 'em, and I think you'd like it! Time Limit: 50 min. Time Limit: 50 min. HR Points: 80 - Overexcited Biologist, Location: Jurassic Frontier Time Limit: 50 min. And I'm all out of Cool Drinks! HR Points: 300 HR Points: 220 Subquest Reward: 4500z Don't try and hide it! Can we play merchant for a bit!? Location: Verdant Hills - Desperate Explorer, Hunt a Malfestio, a Lagiacrus, and a Zinogre, Location: Deserted Island Reward: 31500z Time Limit: 50 min. With the chain of command broken we had no choice but to withdraw. - Not-so-intrepid Explorer, Location: Volcano Save for one girl, who was delirious when we found her. Time Limit: 50 min. - Treshi, Location: Ruined Pinnacle HR Points: 320 Reward: 12600z Immediate hunter action required. Contract Fee: 7000z, I've found the most fascinating specimen in the Dunes that I want you to trap! Reward: 21900z Reward: 11400z Must complete all non-Advanced, non-Prowler Low-rank Village Quests and contribute 1500 Pokke Village Points to unlock. - Pub Manager, Location: Ruined Pinnacle Reward: 5400z Through me, the ancient dance of our ancestors lives on: the dance of the Hyper Mizutsune! Subquest Reward: N/A Reward: 46200z 'Course, that was 'til I heard some overgrown birdfowl gone Hyper was what done the deed! Environment: Stable Subquest HR Points: 20 Time Limit: 50 min. -Meowstress, Location: Ruined Pinnacle Subquest Reward: 2400 -Wandering Recluse, Location: Dunes Time Limit: 50 min. Could you make a delivery in the Verdant Hills? HR Points: 100 HR Points: 950 Time Limit: 50 min. Time Limit: 50 min. Now we're in a pinch to get him back! - Pub Manager, Location: Arctic Ridge (Day) Subquest Reward: N/A Time Limit: 50 min. HR Points: 1210 Adds Malfest Roast to the ingredients list. Contract Fee: 600z, Some eerie cries have been getting closer to the village every night. Time Limit: 50 min. Reward: 27000z HR Points: 1280 Reward: 6300z Subquest Reward: N/A -Dedicated Biologist: Location: Volcano Please teach the brute it's not okay to steal! Reward: 2100z HR Points: 130 Subquest HR Points: 160 Contract Fee: ? Contract Fee: 200z, The Konchu is a most fascinating creature -- a bug of many metamorphoses! Subquest HR Points: 50 Environment: Stable Research team requested to proceed to Ingle Isle with alacrity and eliminate the Akantor. Sweet, huh? - Redspear Hunter, Location: Marshlands We hid in a cave but we got soaked to the skin! Time Limit: 50 min. Terrible things came splashing up from the river, and now everything's soaked! Environment: Unstable HR Points: 100 Environment: Stable But just my luck -- it turned out to be a merciless dragon from an ancient age. Go, take this Quest, and scratch that itch. Subquest Reward: 3600z To join our dojo, you must first capture Gammoth-sensei! HR Points: 120 They already look bad to begin with, but this one had a big, creepy aura around it! Contract Fee: 3800z, Ahtal-Ka, you know, the monster that's rumored to be a moving fortress? You can see the stars reflected in the water. Subquest Reward: 4500z -Frustrated Botanist, Location: Jurassic Frontier (Night) Go forth to aid them without pause and maybe then they'll join our cause! HR Points: 290 Contract Fee: 0z, Aren't deserted islands great? Reward: 5100z Subquest HR Points: N/A Reward: 1500z Environment: Stable Time Limit: 50 min. Time Limit: 50 min. I've got two Royal Ludroth I'd love to see gone from the Misty Peaks. - Watchtower Sentinel, Location: Arctic Ridge (Day) Reward: 56100z HR Points: 800 Contract Fee: 3500z, The Hunter's Guild has massed its forces and managed to corner an Akantor. Reward: 15000z Subquest HR Points: 50 Contract Fee: 300z, We're prepurring a new menu at the Tanzinya Grill, and we think a Dish with mushrooms in it would be the cat's meow. Time Limit: 50 min. Environment: Unstable Contract Fee: 1400z, I was crawling around a cave on the Frozen Seaway, looking for something, as one does, when I became aware of a presence. Time Limit: 50 min. HR Points: 350 Contract Fee: 0z, I can't help notice you've taken an interest in gathering. HR Points: 640 Subquest Reward: 1200z -Treshi, Location: Jurassic Frontier (Night) Contract Fee: 1000z, On my way home from the Jurassic Frontier I was spotted by a Volvidon and a Great Maccao! Ruining seinokei, ecosystem of Moga Village! Contract Fee: 1200z, You gotta help me with a Quest the Master of Style gave me! Contract Fee: 400z, I spotted a herd of Giaprey led by two Giadrome up here at the Arctic Ridge. Time Limit: 50 min. HR Points: 980 I can see it even meow, looming befur me... Purrlease, Hunter, meowst it from that place! Reward: 5400z Contract Fee: 800z, Y'know, Prowler, even husbands out in nature have it tough. Reward: 12z Subquest Reward: N/A Subquest Reward: 2700z Well, I have just the Quest for you. Subquest HR Points: 70 Gather as much as you like, then deliver a Paw Pass Ticket from the Supply Box to return at any time. Reward: 4800z Environment: Stable Prowler, find dishonorable beast and attack its big mimi! Contract Fee: 200z, Hey, how about a friendly little competition? Time Limit: 50 min. Subquest HR Points: 10 Subquest HR Points: 120 Location: Volcano Time Limit: 50 min. - Yukumo Sweetheart, Location: Ruined Pinnacle HR Points: 230 Subquest Reward: 1200z Subquest Reward: 300z Were new hunters always this unlucky!? Subquest Reward: 0z Contract Fee: 1200z, A Teostra has appeared in the Volcano! Subquest Reward: 2700z - Hot-headed Retiree, Location: Marshlands Reward: 3600z A new Coal bed has been discovered in the Volcano, and as much as I'd like to get in on that action, that place is Shogun Ceanataur turf. Subquest Reward: N/A If only a Volvidon and an Iodrome showed up at the Volcano right now and some incredibly helpful hunter decided to go hunt them down for me. It's like hell on earth in there! HR Points: 120 It's volcano season, which is better than it sounds, because all the good ore comes out! HR Points: 640 Environment: Unstable Subquest Reward: 4500z -Inquisitive Forger, Location: Verdant Hills (Day) Can't look for Super Sprouts with those spongy varmints sprayin' me down! Time Limit: 50 min. -Very Suspect Peddler, Location: Volcano Environment: Stable Must complete all 7★ Village Key Quests to unlock. Time Limit: 50 min. Subquest Reward: 3300z Time Limit: 50 min. Contract Fee: 800z, Location: Marshlands HR Points: 2010 -Cheeko Sands Chief, Location: Marshlands HR Points: 640 Contract Fee: 600z, Now just where am I going to get fresh paralytic fluid and toxin from? Still with me? - Pub Manager, Location: Misty Peaks (Day) - Unpanicked Entomologist, Location: Primal Forest Subquest HR Points: 10 I'm just out traipsing through the sand when a Cephadrome AND Daimyo Hermitaur pop out! - Minegarde Sweetheart, Location: Volcano Environment: Unstable Contract Fee: 200z, While doing some business out in the Dunes, I heard about a route where livers go for a really high price. Reward: 2100z - Wycademy Official, Location: Polar Field If you show me how to hit something like that, it'll help me be the world's best slugger! Subquest HR Points: 120 Subquest HR Points: 40 Time Limit: 50 min. HR Points: 1200 - Arctic Ridge Watcher, Location: Ruined Pinnacle Subquest Reward: 600z Reward: 600z Enjoy your gathering, and remember to deliver the Paw Pass Ticket when you're done. Time Limit: 35 min. Now the party begins and we must all dance, dance, dance! I'll keep it simple: they can somehow activate the slime, which makes it explode. - Wyventurer, Location: Ruined Pinnacle -Moga Chief, Location: Deserted Island Contract Fee: 600z, Listen here, kid! Time Limit: 50 min. Subquest HR Points: N/A Can you take out the Rathian? Subquest Reward: 3300z Or just hunt it? Reward: 4500z Contract Fee: 1100z, There's a song in my village of a traveler who traversed time itself. Environment: Stable HR Points: 100 Time Limit: 50 min. Not any more, though. Reward: 4500z Unless some brave hunter wants to come and slay this thing for us? Adds Cannon Lettuce to the ingredients list. HR Points: 0 Subquest HR Points: 50 HR Points: 80 Or so I thought. Onwards! - Innocent Felyne, Location: Volcano Contract Fee: 3800z, My whole village vanished in a single night. Subquest Reward: 4800z Subquest HR Points: 60 Eventually it's gonna approach the village, so I want you to take it out before it causes any damage. HR Points: 320 I can't sleep at night like this! Environment: Stable Contract Fee: 200z, Young Hunter, your hands seem idle. Subquest Reward: 300z I need you to get out there and mess IT up! Environment: Stable HR Points: 1530 Reward: 20700z We just can't get near! They flew towards the Jungle. Contract Fee: 1000z, I heard a legend when I was a kid of a ghostly wyvern, and I've been following that ghost all these years. Subquest Reward: 2400z Time Limit: 50 min. I mean a *hiccup* Unique Fern! Contract Fee: ? Subquest HR Points: 140 Contract Fee: 200z, Some travelers came all the way from Dundorma to visit Bherna, but on their way home they got attacked by Ioprey! Environment: Stable Reward: 34200z In fact, I've a good mind to put this boot up its... *ahem* Please, teach it a lesson before I do something incredibly rash... - Kind-hearted Researcher, Location: Primal Forest Seriously? HR Points: 1120 Great. Subquest Reward: 1200z When you find enough things worth your while, just deliver the Paw Pass Ticket and we'll gladly pick you up. Reward: 7500z Environment: Unstable Subquest HR Points: N/A Subquest Reward: N/A Me and another lost traveler are hiding from it now. Not only was it jolly scary but now I'm simply COVERED in sand! - Tanzia Arena Gal, Hunt a Malfestio, a Zinogre, a Rathalos, and a Tigrex, Location: Jurassic Frontier Subquest HR Points: 30 Subquest HR Points: 50 Hunter, if you think you can stop it, then now is the time to give it a whirl! You've come right in time to purrovide help! HR Points: 400 -Brachydios Researcher, Hunt a Velocidrome, a Gypceros and a Rathian, Location: Verdant Hills (Night) Miao! Seems like a bad omen if you ask me... Hey, young 'un, why not take care of that beast? - Moga Chief's Son, Location: Deserted Island Contract Fee: 900z, I was tearing up the tundra on my sled in the Frozen Seaway when these two Zamtrios leaped right through the ice. Reward: 1200z Subquest Reward: 2400z Contract Fee: 1100z, O Hunter sharp in mind and weapon true; Atop the Ruined Pinnacle it lies; A thund'rous beast with claws as sharp as steel, so proud and golden in its regal stride. HR Points: 120 -Neko (Means "Cat"), Location: Arctic Ridge (Night) HR Points: 350 All is shrouded in darkness. Contract Fee: 700z, My eyes! Subquest Reward: 2400z Subquest HR Points: N/A Reward: 6600z Contract Fee: 200z, I was just mindin' my own business, mining for some goodies, when a Ceanataur pops out of nowhere and breaks my Pickaxe! Contract Fee: 1700z, I'm spending time in the company of some Lynians at the Ruined Pinnacle. Now we have the Soaratorium, we can launch a proper expedition! Environment: Stable Reward: 900z Time Limit: 50 min. Reward: 12z Do you think you could lend me a hand out there? Subquest Reward: 3300z Subquest HR Points: 0 Will you help me? Good luck, now! Environment: Stable Environment: Unstable Environment: Unstable Reward: 27300z Just deliver a Paw Pass Ticket when you've had enough and want out. Environment: Stable Subquest HR Points: 100 Must complete the 7★ Hunters Hub Quest "Putting the Gore in Magala" to unlock. Please, put a stop to them before they come ruin our crops! I'm betting with the Wyverian merchant man about which is tougher: a snowball thrown by a Blangonga or one thrown by a Lagombi. Subquest HR Points: N/A Subquest HR Points: 80 So, how about you jaunt along to the Jungle to demonstrate for me? Time Limit: 50 min. Subquest HR Points: N/A The two are inseparable. Subquest Reward: N/A Reward: 12z Time Limit: 50 min. Little dangerous, but that's purr for the course for you, nya? Time Limit: 50 min. Contract Fee: 1700z, 'Ey up. Subquest Reward: 600z HR Points: 0 Location: Verdant Hills (Night) Environment: Stable HR Points: 710 Reward: 22800z Can you catch me a Gammoth, Hunter- person? Environment: Unstable All that remains is to hunt it down now. Reward: 9300z Time Limit: 50 min. HR Points: 560 Time Limit: 50 min. Time Limit: 50 min. Environment: Unstable Environment: Stable So end their reign! Reward: 10800z Subquest Reward: N/A I can't ignore the scent of zenny to be made. - Wycademy Official, Location: Ingle Isle Environment: Stable Someone put an end to this nightmare! - Peacekeeping Aristocrat, Hunt a Hyper Gravios and a Hyper Nerscylla, Location: Primal Forest Must complete all G2 Hunters Hub Key Quests to unlock. HR Points: 660 That quest actually also gives you an ingredient, fyi. There's still so much we don't know about this majestic creature. Subquest HR Points: 110 Environment: Unstable I can't take it! Next thing I know, I'm bruised and battered. Time Limit: 50 min. Subquest HR Points: N/A Someone, blow them out of the water! Environment: Stable It was alive, I swear! Subquest HR Points: 10 Reward: 2100z My sleuthing tells me that it must live somewhere in a land of ice and snow... What I need you for is to capture it. Reward: 2700z Subquest Reward: 4200z Time Limit: 50 min. -Trinket Lover's Granddaughter, Location: Volcano And I'm not lion, I'm trying real hard! One day he just blurted out that he can't deal with "creepy Nerscylla" -- something about their eyes? Subquest Reward: 3900z We're on the same side here! Subquest Reward: 5100z Any items are fine, as long as you meet the quota. - Pub Manager, Location: Jurassic Frontier (Day) -Dimwitted Biologist, Location: Marshlands Subquest HR Points: 70 Rumor has it that there's one flitting about at the Ruined Pinnacle. Subquest Reward: 600z Namely, how to shed the human need for sleep using the power of mushrooms! I mean stake! Purrlease? Environment: Stable Subquest Reward: 4800z Must complete all G3 Hunters Hub Key Quests and the G2 Hunters Hub Quests ", Must complete all G3 Hunters Hub Key Quests and the G2 Hunters Hub Quest ", Rewards the Fluffy Black Ball to craft the, Rewards the EX Lao-Shan Lung Ticket to craft the. Contract Fee: 2900z, The Primal Forest used to be a safe place...relatively speaking. - Cut-up Observer, Location: Volcanic Hollow Except, I can't seem to get 'em to hold still long enough to sew 'em together! Subquest Reward: N/A Run free! Reward: 5100z Subquest HR Points: N/A Subquest HR Points: 80 Reward: 2400z What gives!? Subquest HR Points: 60 Subquest Reward: 1200z HR Points: 670 Even more remarkable are their tails. Subquest HR Points: 30 Environment: Stable Anyway, I'm sorry this is a little short notice, but could you do something for me in the Ancestral Steppe? -Neighboring Village Doctor, Location: Arctic Ridge (Day) Contract Fee: 2700z, Urgent. Contract Fee: ? Real fresh. HR Points: 350 Environment: Stable - Palico Grandmeowster. It's also where the 'endgame' is. Environment: Unstable Contract Fee: 200z, The secret to cooking is to waste as little time as possible and blast everything at high heat! Time Limit: 50 min. Environment: Stable Time Limit: 50 min. - Ace Commander, Location: Jungle The job entails you putting down a certain Ukanlos in the Polar Field. Subquest HR Points: 40 Reward: 4500z Time Limit: 50 min. All the repairs are takin' a huge chunk out of our budget. Subquest Reward: 5100z - First Dan Hunter, Location: Volcanic Hollow Reward: 1800z I wonder what'd it be like to cut something with one of those babies... How'd you like to hunt a Seregios and test out those scales for yourself? Contract Fee: 1400z, We've got three very much unwanted visitors at our mine, in the form of an Iodrome, a Basarios and a Gravios! They had a leader, too -- a Giadrome! Signs of Rajang detected in Arctic Ridge. Contract Fee: 1900z, I see it! It's makin' it very difficult for people to use the seaways, not to mention makin' us Moga people mighty nervous. Subquest HR Points: N/A Reward: 14700z Time Limit: 50 min. Subquest HR Points: N/A And now the Silver Rathalos and Gold Rathian at the Ruined Pinnacle have come to bring ruin upon us all! Contract Fee: 800z, We set out in pursuit of new land to reclaim, when all of a sudden, THWAM! HR Points: 500 HR Points: 1780 Subquest HR Points: 80 Subquest Reward: 2400z Subquest HR Points: 70 Environment: Unstable HR Points: 640 Subquest Reward: N/A Contract Fee: 300z, We're doing some pretty important research here! 70-30? Environment: Unstable Reward: 900z Subquest Reward: 600z - Head Moga Farmer, Location: Primal Forest Subquest Reward: 3300z I've already had it up to here dodging Yian Garuga beaks and Najarala tails. HR Points: 120 Contract Fee: 1300z, What a conundrum!